Thursday, September 20, 2007

Your Definition?

Of course there are slums in all countries and bad areas etc... however, how would you define a bad area or a "Ghetto" I know how I think of it as. Many people think of such places in different way's. To me these places scare me because of fear of getting shot, stabbed, harassed, robbed etc...

Not by one specific race of people, mainly by people who live or roam around these area's. At least that's how I think of it as because it has happened to me in these very area's. They say the things you fear the most have already happened.

I have never been to slums outside North America and am curious if it is the same way. And I don't mean "slums" or "ghetto's" brought on by war or natural disaster because that just brings up a whole new subject. An example would be this image in the center of Mumbai call Dharavi.

Surprised at slums in North America?

Lately I have been getting many e-mails from people in different parts of Europe and Asia, outside the US. that are shocked at these images on this blog. People are saying such things as

"I cant believe that there is really a ghetto in America because America is a rich country..and i always dream of going there too, that's why I'm very shocked."

And so forth, this got me thinking. Does most of the rest of the world think that North America is a rich country where we all sit around in leather couches, eating expensive food, counting our gold while lighting our cigars with 100 dollar bills? If you think that way you are completely wrong.