Sunday, June 07, 2009

Newark, New Jersey

Newark, New Jersey, i have been there many times. These particular pictures were taken around Clinton and 18th Streets. Thanks Dawn!


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What always amazed me about Newark growing up were the high rise projects. 20 stories of abandonment and broken windows. The worst were the Columbus Homes (named after Christopher Columbus, back when the neighborhood was predominately Italian-American in the 60's). These towers were right next to Route 280, a grim welcome to the city for motorists. Luckily, almost all the high rises have been demolished, save for those housing the elderly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still live in newark and the garden spires need to go it's as Close to hell on earth as I've ever seen it's a complicated labyrinth of free roaming crack heads and dope fiends running up and down the stairs and elevators coming up with all kinds of schemes to make a buck scary

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